Life goals

As an MBA/graduate student, it is extremely easy to get lost in the myriads of things to do, especially in as amazing a campus as Thunderbird. However, exams brakes your hectic life and while you try and remember lessons learnt and experiences gained, you also get a chance to put your education into perspective. There are way too many options in the graduate level to flutter around. Consequently, it becomes pertinent that you have an extremely good reason and justification in doing what you are doing, taking the classes that you are taking and making that connection to a life that you dream of.

I am at a point where I need to make those decisions and soon. My trials at a summer internships did not bear fruit. However, it gives me the time to put things into perspective and things are progressively becoming clearer. While I certainly do not know the purpose of my life, my passion for certain subjects clearly indicate the path that shivers my timbers.

This summer, I begin my specialization in broadening my knowledge and experience :)