Jim (the beard) Dalrymple - don't be a dick.

They say that those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Good advice.


I like The Loop. Jim is a good guy and more importantly, he calls out people on bullshit. I've always liked that about the beard. However, today it feels like Jim is on an all out mission to bully Nokia, all because of this Nokia ad (see below), which calls out color as a differentiating factor for their upcoming phones. 

I am an iPhone 5 user. I actually think that it's a good iPhone. I also love the Android eco system and think that Windows Phones have some really great things about them (people hub is awesome).

Furthermore, Nokia is a great company, and they make fantastic phones. The allusion to the white and black iPhone 5 is them trying to get into the mind of the consumer. And Jim has taken this the wrong way. I am not sure what's going on today in Jim's mind, but this feels like a big bully trying to tease Nokia until it cries.

Let's look at the latest iPhone ads. Fun? Yeah, I certainly think so. But, going by Jim's vein, you can also say that iPhone is making fun of companies with larger phone screens that they don't have common sense (Thumb). 

Come on Jim, don't be a dick. Why are you trying to bully @nokia on twitter, when they have also done a good job of just stating that they are proud of what they create. (famous last words, if by the time I publish this, @nokia messes up).