ignore the code: Touch on Desktop

Most of the things required for a great touch user interface are also good ideas on the desktop. Large touch targets, fast, responsive1 user interfaces, a simple, intuitive information architecture, uncluttered screens that don’t offer too many different features, easily understood screenflows, lightweight applications, simplified window management — all of these things work on the desktop just as well as on a tablet.

I think Lukas Mathis is on to something here. I also agree that the metro paradigm and touch enabled desktops are good things for everyone. However my prognosis is that people are going to come around to touch desktops and notebooks, much much faster than what people are currently predicting. In fact, the reason why iPhone and iPad took off and what we call as portable tablet form factor is a success is because of the intuitive interface and interactions. 

It is going to be interesting what Windows 8 uptick is going to be. And for Microsoft's sake, I hope it is a near perfect foundation for the next 5 years like how Apple made iOS to be.

All I can say is, exciting times ahead.