Twitter's descent into the extractive | David of 37signals

“I wonder how long this one will last?”, asked the Web to his friend Email. “Who knows”, said Email, “Facebook is still around”. “Aye”, nodded the Web, “Winter might be longer this time around, but inevitably Spring will return”.

There is a saying that Google is famous for. I believe it is Eric Schmidt who said it, "Never bet against the internet." I consider the notions of democratizing information, open access and meritocracy as ideals for what a company should focus on, not only as its internal culture, but in its product portfolio and developing partnerships. 

The post by David is a brilliant summary of the feelings that I have for twitter currently. I still use twitter. It is a valuable tool, but there was more. There was love, for the company, the product and its ideals. 

Unfortunately, that is eroding. Fast.