The decline of fascination and the rise in ennui

What should make sense, especially if you're a voracious consumer of what's happening in technology/around the world.

Today, an internet video or an investment philosophy or a political moment might last for weeks or even a few days. It's not unusual for a movie or a book or even a TV series to come and go before most people notice it. Neophilia has fundamentally changed the culture.


The real opportunity, I think, is in trying to build longer arcs. Now that the cycle of new is eating itself in a race to ever-faster, there's a bigger chance to make long term change by consistently focusing on what works (and what's important), not what's new and merely shiny.

No one starts to make something new and merely shiny. The intent is never the problem.

Seth reels it in with this and I highly recommend adding this to your tenet if you're a product owner/maker/manager.

What's important, what's always important, is useful change.

Focus to be/make that change!