Brilliant - Fireside conversation b/w Werner Vogels and Jeff Bezos

Mind. Blown!

Jeff Bezos - it's been a pleasure to have worked in your organization!

A few notes

People need to ask and invest in ethos, concepts and patterns that will remain the same (the principles behind what customers are asking). It is a corollary to the long term thinking that he has institutionalized in Amazon. Brilliant.

Mentalities of companies and what Amazon is. I thought Bezos hit on a brilliant credo and something people can latch on to when he said that Amazon is absolutely comfortable in low margin businesses and he tied it neatly through the entire re:invent keynotes.

Here's the net result of this - long $AMZN!

Bezos continues to convince people that he is the only one in the world currently who manages to grow a low margin business at the scale where it is noticeable.

You, sir are one of a kind.


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