Continual self-reinvention

I bet if you ask most people what keeps them from being who they really want to be (at least stylistically or maybe even more), the answer would not be money but the fear of peer pressure -- fear of embarrassing themselves in front of a group of people that they might not actually even like anyway.

The article is reasoned towards twitter v facebook (contextual given my recent experiment to unfacebook [verb: To remove yourself from facebook and remove facebook from you] myself).

However, the general concept of fear to try something new, when something works for you (from a peer perspective) is fascinating. I have been both on the receiving and giving end of that peer pressure. It's bad, it's sad and it's well worth getting over.

Here's to (re)inventing yourself. :)


"Nothing is withheld from us, which we have conceived to do."

- Russel Kirsch