I am so glad that I took some time to watch this documentary on urbanization, what people are doing around the world and how they are going about trying to make a difference to rapid growth that the world is currently seeing. 

It is chockfull of great things to quote, but I will paraphrase that are near and dear to me - 

As India and China grow and build great cities in the 21st century, it is very important that they don't just copy 20th century cities. For their sake, and the world's sake. Innovate and as human beings, we will continue to progress.

And one on the sense of community.

There is a sense of loss of community in this rapid transformation and urbanization. I used to take a walk outside with my family and greet people on the street. At times they were friends and relatives, but mostly people we would meet new in the community where we live. That sense of community is being lost today.

Highly recommended for your viewing pleasure - Urbanized. Trailer below along with an affiliate link should you decide to purchase it.