Twitter's quadrant diagrams

I am an MBA and a good developer. I understand code, write code and I believe that getting an MBA has only made me a stronger developer and the hacker in me made me a better business-type.

I don't think quadrants are classified as MBA-gibberish. However, I do agree that twitter's use of quadrants don't make much sense to me.

For twitter, business and consumer SHOULD NOT be on opposite ends of an axes. If they are, then they are setting themselves up for failure. Additonally, engagement and analytics should not be on opposite ends of an axes either.

I also believe that twitter should have provided more data on what the customers' say wrt the various twitter clients and prove to the developers that what they are asking is the right thing to do for customers. Unfortunately, without that crucial information, developers are just going to think that @twitter is doing this to snub them.

The twitter post is an unfortunate example of how this should be. 4:21 in the video is an example of quadrants used to communicate something great. Steve Jobs introducing the iPhone in 2007.