Why the Android keyboard just doesn’t work for me | The Tech Block

While the Android keyboard has seen a terrific improvement from what it was back in Android 2.2, it still falls short of the experience the iOS keyboard offers. My experience using the keyboard on the Galaxy Nexus was the biggest annoyance during the time it was my primary phone. For starters, it just doesn’t have the same touch feeling as on the iPhone. The latter feels much swifter and more responsive than the former, which required a slightly harder push on the touchscreen. Now, I’m told this may be because the screen of the GNex isn’t as good as the one on the Samsung S3 or the HTC One X, but the Nexus is still the best phone out there that offers a stock Android experience.
The keyboard was my biggest gripe with Android until Jellybean. Having used a Galaxy Nexus as my primary phone until my recent shift to the iPhone 5, I can say that I will agree to disagree with Preshit on this. 

Post iPhone 5 switch, while everything works well, the keyboard is one of the things that I miss most from Android. Yes, Jellybean made me switch sides. I've got nothing against the keyboard in iOS. It works well, but Android keyboard makes more sense to me and in fact, I've often found that I still type faster on the Android keyboard that I do with iOS (AN - After Nexus).