Smart Guy Productivity Pitfalls | Book Of Hook

Which leads to a potential identity recalibration crisis upon landing at a company with high performers that work hard and smart.  And that will happen if you're good.  Now you're no longer at the top of the curve.  In fact, shit, you're in the middle or bottom of the curve, a situation your brain probably never considered as an option.

I have been through a similar situation and the tricks identified here definitely. In fact, one of the best things that you can do for your productivity is to truly use your Calendar to plan tasks as events and set it in order to achieve them. 

Two benefits -- 

  • You begin to reset your assumptions on how much time something takes to get done. 
  • You also get the necessary dopamine releases once you start achieving things to get you back into the mood of wanting to do something better and being good, you can. :)

Good luck and godspeed.