The opportunity in "high order bit" social.

Teens aren’t abandoning “social.” They’re just using the word correctly.

Great read.

Biggest takeaways

  • Social needs to be redefined to what it should have been - communicating and engaging with other real human beings and communities.
  • The biggest value in social is still unrealized - engaging the power of communities to help mould and change the world into a better place. Today, using the power of social media to truly change the world is still an anomaly. The reason why twitter or Facebook still tout Egypt or KONY as their success metric shows that.
  • There needs to be a new metric that measures the potential and capability of a platform to effect that change. This includes, but is not limited to, opening people to new ideas, educating people about new things, enabling people to act of new information. Today, we use the metric, "engagement", but it is severely limited to an extremely reactionary (at best) and passive (at worst) definition. "Likes", "Retweets" and "+1s" not engagement make.

However, the biggest reason, this article makes me happy is the hope and opportunity that is still available, untapped and ripe for the taking in "social," maybe the "high order bit(1)" social.

(1) Thanks @chamath for the usage.