Nintendo, Nintendon't

Much like the ad for Coffee Bite (I feel dated), the argument continues if Nintendo should seek out non Nintendo platforms for games.

John Siracusa writes a summary of the arguments, while identifying the crucial factor - Nintendo knows best to provide entertainment experiences that meld hardware and software.

Whatever Nintendo does, it needs to maintain its kernel (pun intended).

However, there are some avenues that Nintendo can pursue --

Right now, Apple is crushing Nintendo when it comes to the software purchase, installation, and ownership experience. Hell, even Steam—a PC gaming platform—embarrasses Nintendo’s e-commerce efforts. My Nintendo games should not be tied to a piece of hardware. My purchases should transfer seamlessly to any new Nintendo device I purchase. Illegal emulation should not be the easiest way (or only way) to play classic Nintendo games. Nintendo needs to get much, much better at this stuff—fast.

Nintendo needs to establish its beach head in the App Store market. Developing services in-house is going to be too late. However, there are cross platform players, who can provide Nintendo with this service. My eye is on Amazon - they have been making some killer services for just this sort of transactions and if Nintendo isn't already considering Amazon to be a marketplace to sell Nintendo games, they seriously should (not to mention benefit from the trust and customer service that Amazon brings)

That said, there is a LOT of nostalgia driving these suggestions. Nintendo has traditionally done a phenoemenal job of catching them while they are young with GameBoy and the DS series. However, this is the most critical market that Nintendo cannot give up the pursuit of their own hardware/software combo.

Kids and young adults still find it easy to switch between devices, and with a strong brand affinity will be the ripe target for Nintendo moving forward.

Whatever it is, it better be darned good to top this.