Hypercritical: The Road to Geekdom

Anyone trying to purposely erect border fences or demanding to see ID upon entry to the land of Geekdom is missing the point. They have no power over you. Ignore them and dive headfirst into the things that interest you. Soak up every experience. Lose yourself in the pursuit of knowledge. When you finally come up for air, you’ll find that the long road to geekdom no longer stretches out before you. No one can deny you entry. You’re already home.

John Siracusa is my all time favorite Mac geek. Yes, I have dabbled in the Gruber cheekiness and the Marco tirades. However, John Siracusa embodies the "scientific respect," a sign of the past, where people actually respected differing opinions and strived to understand a different perspective, in pursuit of knowledge and not just to disprove someone, or something or an idea. 

And I am very very excited that hypercritical.co is churning so much more great material. Thank you John.