Om Malik on the smart contact lens

Sure, it would lack the whiz-bang nature of the smart contact lenses, but it would be something I would welcome with a big grin and a credit card while thanking my stars and Google for having developed that. It’s not that I am not unappreciative of the impact that these contact lens breakthroughs might have in a few years. But another few years would mean another 100 million fellow humans suffering from something I live with everyday.

A couple thoughts -- 

Focusing on the near term (or the credit card) always leads to optimizing the near term solution. Looking for 10x improvements is the goal behind Google [X]. Note that even smart contact lens might not be the end result of this.

Taking this from its current state to available and accessible to all is the stated goal behind the project and getting the world to work together to make this is a profound goal that I do get behind.