iPhone and 1GB RAM - rephrased

The big problem is that technology has moved on. Now, technology is everywhere, and it’s the user experience which defines it, not the hardware specifications. The fact that an iPhone 6 has less RAM than a Samsung Galaxy S5 isn’t important, except as it impacts the user experience – and in this case, it doesn’t. The days when hardware specs could be used as a proxy for quality of the user experience are gone.

I really like Ian's writing. I do. In this particular case, I also get the point that real world performance is more important than specs on paper.

So, I attempted to rephrase the problem. In 2014 (soon 2015) I don't expect Safari to reload the webpage from one of its 3/4 tabs when I jump between even one app and back multitasking in iOS. It is especially terrible on the iPad. Paying more than other competing devices, I expect Apple to step up its game in this front. Not for specs on paper, but for very real world performance. That's all.