Google's Hangouts blunder helped WhatsApp - The Times of India

Srivatsa Sharma, a social media professional, used Google Talk to keep in touch with his colleagues until November last year. But then the Google Talk app on his phone got updated and was replaced with Hangouts. He found the new app confusing. "It is slow. Messages are delivered after a delay and there is no way to see who is online in my contact list and who is not. I ended up disabling it," he said.
Sharma and all of his colleagues then switched to WhatsApp. The app is not only simpler to use and is much faster but also allowed Sharma to create a specific group that he can use for group discussion with his colleague.
The irony here is that Hangouts app comes pre-installed on almost all new Android phones. But yet no one uses it. It lacks features that WhatsApp offers, especially those related to file sharing and group talks.

This seems to be a theme. I have convinced a lot of people important to me to switch to Hangouts. However, I keep hearing pushback that I should use Whatsapp. And I do agree with the sentiment here - whatsapp currently has proven themselves that they can do the basic part of "sending and delivering messages" really really well. Kudos. 

Also, a humble request to my friends at Hangouts. Have a goal to make messaging 10x better. It is worth the moonshot.