The Codist

So don't procrastinate today, learn about something new, or even better learn something new. Keep an eye open, you might see that future coming at you. Then when it shows up it's no big deal. So far I've been lucky to pay attention and it's kept me still programming after three decades and still working on modern stuff.
So keep your eyes peeled and don't expect anyone will help you keep up. Like Baseball pitcher Satchel Page said "Don't look back. Something might be gaining on you." In programming you need to look forward because the only thing behind you is that nasty steamroller.

Great message. However, the whole tone of the message felt a little - keep up or die. I think this goes beyond programming as a job. There are two skills that will keep you employed (happy) in life -- 

  • Interest and ability to learn something new
  • Being able to pick yourself up no matter what.