Taking credit - Matt Gemmell

The thing is, attribution can also mean responsibility. Putting your name on something (or allowing that to happen) isn’t just an endorsement, but also an admission that the buck stops with you. If there’s a problem with this, it’s my fault.

Equally, anonymity isn’t just a silent badge of nobility and altruism. It can also be a shield. We see it on the internet every day. I think that’s what made the quote stick in my mind enough to prompt this brief essay.

But there’s nothing wrong with caring about attribution, as long as you care in the right way. If it’s in the context of praise, then great – accept it as gracefully as any of us ever can. It might, however, be (negative) criticism. How you deal with it is the real measure – and a hell of a valuable one.

I still struggle with that type of feedback, and anyone who says they don’t is deceiving themselves. It’s all too easy to take it to heart, without trying to assess the validity of the remarks first. You have to cultivate an attitude of being open to pushback, without letting yourself be destroyed by it. The assessment itself must be assessed. If you can manage to do that, you’ll live longer, and you’re a wiser person than I am.
— http://mattgemmell.com/taking-credit/

One of the most honest pieces of writing I have read recently. Highly recommended read.