GigaOm gets on the G+ bashing bandwagon


In today's me-too-on-the-google+-bashing-bandwagon, we have Lauren Hockenson from GigaOm.

It is unclear if this is reporting or Op-Ed. I wonder if it matters for the truly hacked job. There is no data to backup any claims in the article. And any that are made highlight laziness. For example, 

A Google representative would not provide statistics about how much traffic each component of Google+ gets, but it’s clear from the way Google treats the platforms Photos and Hangouts features that those are the high-value products.
Where Hangouts and Photos comprise the “tools” part of Google+, the rest of Google+ is focused on the experience. There is the Profile, which encourages users to post and interact in a similar way to Facebook’s Timeline; Circles, which allows users to compartmentalize their friends to create different broadcast groups; and Communities, which operate like public group pages. These features represent the bones of Google+:
Google+ has never really solved its people problem. The experiences that Gundotra has praised in the past — posting on the platform, circles, and engaging in the Google+ community at large — aren’t unique enough to make Google+ more than a borderline ghost town. In fact, the new statistics on Google+ profiles reinforce that notion — they roll page and photo views up into a fluffy metric designed to help users and brands believe that people are engaging with content, even if actual interactions aren’t taking place.

And finally, the "conclusion"

Google+’s future is murky. TechCrunch reports, citing unidentified sources, that it will be turned into a platform rather than a product, with the Hangouts and Photos teams absorbed into surrounding departments (predominately Android). Despite its lackluster community, Google+ is still a hub for features that serve social purposes that drive value to the company. But, as the social experiment Gundotra envisioned, Google+ has already given up the ghost.


I am sure you followed the thesis and supporting data and sources.

Now, I did some research. Lauren Hockenson does not seem to be active on Google+. If she is, I apologize for this mistake and would gladly rescind my words.

And without any proof of data, it looks like Lauren repurposed the TechCrunch article. They are not adding any value to the conversation, not any meaningful data to support/disprove a claim from another source and just adding to the echo chamber. The ultimate purpose unfortunately is unbecoming of GigaOm - they just wrote a few words to profit from someone's announcement.

A note on G+ Summary - try it for yourself. It might not be for you, but, there is a chance that like me, you might find it fruitful and engaging.

I have been using Google+ since its inception and a couple years ago, I decided to delete my facebook profile and use only G+. I am going to date myself describing the experience.

The difference between facebook and G+ was the experience that I personally had in school vs what I experienced when I first discovered the internet.

The interactions and engagement in school was personal - I knew almost everyone I interacted with and the discussions inevitably lost track of the subject and became personal. In a non personal setting like the first Internet forums (friends, family), the interaction was engaged on the subject at hand and you met new people based on their handle and their engagement with the topic. I have made new friends on Google+. I interacted with the same few on facebook.

I find the similarities between twitter and G+ far more compelling than with facebook.

Either ways, make your decision. Try it.

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