Amazon is Amazon again... Yes. But, who are we?

NYTimes's David Streitfeld:

Amazon customers who want to order forthcoming Warner Home Video features, including “The Lego Movie,” “300: Rise of an Empire,” “Winter’s Tale” and “Transcendence,” are finding it impossible to do so.

The retailer’s refusal to sell the movies is part of its effort to gain leverage in yet another major confrontation with a supplier to become public in recent weeks.

And John adds,

It’s almost as if Amazon, because it’s the largest vendor of such wares, because it has storefront of, one might say, singular size, it feels it can use its market position to dictate terms to suppliers. It’s interesting.

I don't meant to pick on John Moltz. I generally chuckle to his words, even when it hurts sometimes. I also wholeheartedly support the general idea that evil monopolies shouldn't exist.

However, through this Hachette issue and now this Warner Bros situation, John and anybody really engaging in commentary about Amazon represent the media. =|

Nobody has the whole picture in this scenario outside of Amazon and the parties involved in the contract. Amazon is a corporate giant, yes. However, these articles almost humanize the other party, the "poor" $20-$30 billion dollar media giants who make far more money in profit than Amazon.

Look. I get it. It is hard to trust a big corporation at face value. In fact, especially when that corporation seems to have given you low rates or has changed shopping so that you don't have to wait in lines, provides near unquestioned returns, always, always fights with the carriers on your behalf or has constantly looked for ways to improve the inefficient system so that it could reduce prices for you.

And yet we gave corporations the power to partake in determining the direction of this country's political systems by allowing soulless corporations to participate in the electoral process.

As American customers (hard to generalize the world), we are not used to being treated well. It is also probably right to be skeptical. However, my problem is with partaking in this process with the belief that Amazon is the one doing wrong.

Amazon has NEVER once given me reason to not trust it. The almighty Apple has let me down, but not Amazon. You can call me a chump. However, no one other than the media actually think that Amazon is not fighting on behalf of the customer.

However, as logical human beings, we can use our brains. We are capable of rational thought. I, for one, do not know the whole story.

But, here's one thing that remains true - Amazon has NEVER given me a reason to distrust it.

Jeff Bezos's statement rings true in my head and I applaud that genius. Amazon will weather through this as they are used to being misunderstood by everyone for long periods of time.

People taking the other side are potentially doing Amazon a lot of harm. However, I am convinced that if the Hachette and the Warner Bros of these world win, it is way worse for us as customers.