Sony head Rohde - Thank you.

Is it the kind of thing Sony sees as a potential competitor? "The short answer is 'Maybe someday,'" as Rohde put it. "It's not meant to be an arrogant statement. It's not something that we're saying, 'Oh yeah we're not worried about them.' I think we're always interested in anything that comes into this space because it's fascinating to all of us. It doesn't feel like [an immediate concern]. But it's an interesting technology.

"I think that's what's great about the technology industry in general is that people have to try different distribution models, different things," he continued. "I think the entire rest of the industry will be watching carefully to see what happens there."

I really really miss this part of the tech that existed until recently. Tech executives were extremely honest, nay, excited about other tech in their field. Competition is absolutely great. You don't have to go all thermonuclear on them, just because they are or there is competition.

Also, for the headline - Ars - screw you!