Edits and re-edits.

I actually get some extra benefit from editing while the post is live. I am not sure why that is, but often times the best edits come to me after the post is live.

Story of my life. During the heydays of my writing (of which I am attempting a renaissance), editing my post after writing was exceptionally common.

I recently experimented with commentary on articles vs. long form articles and where they might reside. Publishing everything on gurupanguji.net is a longer, more thoughtful process. It ends up with a long list of unpublished posts, present in various states of formation.

Publishing using flipboard to g+, twitter and tumblr ends up with shorter commentary and often leads to trigger hungry sharing over meaningful additional commentary.

Still working on the right balance. However, for now, I would rather publish something personal and meaningful over mindless re-shares.

i.e. more stuff that comes from gurupanguji.net.