DF: Ben Thompson: ‘Smartphone Truths and Samsung’s Inevitable Decline’

Actually, it’s even worse than that. Samsung does offer its own software: TouchWiz and etc. But the overwhelming consensus from reviewers is that Samsung’s add-ons to Android make the system worse, not better. Samsung sees the need for software differentiation, but to date they’ve proven incapable of doing it well.

- John Gruber Emphasis mine.

Generalizing any design aesthete for the world is pushing yourself into a terrible corner.

In the high end market and potentially in most of the Western world and Japan, I might agree that Apple's aesthete is aspirational and appreciated. However, assuming it works for all 7B people in this world is just wrong.

Samsung might be shooting itself in the foot within the high end market, which is inarguably developed countries. However, I can guarantee that the vegetable vendor in India would be fascinated with the water effects in the lock screen and is intuitive.

I am not condoning. I am saying, opinions on aesthete are just that - opinions. At the end of the day, Ben's article goes deeper - because price plays a much bigger role than the aesthete in a "need" category.