-> Facebook Free Basics is currently on hold

Noble as its intentions may seem, the initiative has also been widely criticized for providing limited access to a select number of sites. Net neutrality activists take issue with this fact, arguing that Facebook and its partners are essentially acting as gatekeepers to the internet for poor people. The service in India is also known to be slow, spotty, and unreliable.

This particular decision is fascinating to me. India has to be one of the most interesting markets out there. Well educated, supporting net neutrality to the point where they might put a hold on Facebook's Free Basics package. I do not doubt Facebook's intentions here. However, Reliance is not a company that I trust to do the right thing. I hope this gets sorted out. More importantly though, the idea of providing, free internet access to a billion is fascinating to me. It's a hugely powerful system that can make / break a few companies. I am watching this closely.