San Francisco - city of status quo?

The San Francisco housing crisis is real. There are multiple parties to blame and every side is pointing fingers at another. These are the growing pains of a city that's also in denial about its current state and is looking to find and remove a villain that shall help maintain status quo.

For a city that prides itself for 'Summer of Love' , its counterculture and its ability to change for the better, today's San Francisco looks particularly averse to change. Change is hard. However, it is constant. Looking for solutions to maintain status quo is a guarantee of negative returns in the long term. If San Francisco does not accept that it has real problems and is unwilling to look for radical solutions, it is going to lose its identity.

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I, for one, got disillusioned. It is the reason I moved back to a city, while not perfect is looking to do the right thing and is at least attempting to function.