Towing the party line...

Eloquent, specific reporting from Matt Birschler here.

After a few days’ use, I feel as confident as ever in saying that Android is NOT as well designed as iOS in many important ways. There are parts of Android that look nicer in screenshots, but in practice, I find the entire OS to have a small level of “jank” in every area. Even compared ot my 2014 adventure into the platform, it’s much improved, but it’s still not totally there.

Third-party apps also still pale in comparison to their iOS counterparts. Twitter, Facebook, Slack, and Flipboard are on both platforms, but are better on iOS. Even the apps like Day One, Tweetbot, Editorial, Dark Sky, and Fantastical are all better than any comparable app on Android. In some cases the difference in quality is small, but in most cases it’s still pretty damn huge.