Affordable housing is a problem for the middle class

It's full of interesting facts, but this one chart is the best illustration I've seen of an issue that doesn't quite get as much attention as it should — the fact that in some key metropolitan areas, affordable housing has become a problem for the middle class:

And what this shows is that while middle class housing affordability isn't a huge problem in most of the country, it's a very big challenge in the ten highest-cost metropolitan areas. These are places — places like the Bay Area and Greater New York City — where people who aren't poor still struggle to afford a decent place to live.

30% of annual gross income is one definition. The pinch is felt by even more people in such areas if you consider rent / housing expenses as a percentage of annual / monthly disposable income.

Not only is it unsustainable, it is setting people up to be incredibly exposed for any economic fluctuations. Worse, these entire areas and cities will then correspondingly be exposed to that risk. =|