Cranks on Top - The New York Times

What this means, in turn, is that Mr. Rubio’s consolidation of establishment support isn’t a testament to his good sense. In fact, it’s almost the opposite, a reward for his willingness to echo party orthodoxy even, or perhaps especially, when it’s nonsense.

So don’t let anyone tell you that the Republican primary is a fight between a crazy guy and someone reasonable. It’s idiosyncratic, self-invented crankery versus establishment-approved crankery, and it’s not at all clear which is worse.

Read the whole of Krugman's article. And follow it up with a video from currently what I think is one of the best late night shows (and I especially love that good clips enter YouTube at a rapid rate) - Samantha Bee

We are living in a freaky world. If those two things didn't hold your fascination, I also recommend this charged, raw write up from James Allworth.