Bridging a Digital Divide That Leaves Schoolchildren Behind - The New York Times

Ms. Rosenworcel cited research showing that seven in 10 teachers now assign homework that requires web access. Yet one-third of kindergartners through 12th graders in the United States, from low-income and rural households, are unable to go online from home. The Obama administration announced in July its own program to help address the problem, deploying free and affordable broadband into public housing.

Not every teacher is as understanding. Yunuen Reyes, 17, a high school senior in Pharr, does not have Internet at home and typically has three hours of homework a day that require research and collaboration with classmates online. Some assignments and take-home exams are due by midnight and must be submitted over the web.

Lifeline seems like it has the right ideas to improve access to the Internet for children in USA. This should be getting more media attention than what's happening right now - a decision to determine who's the craziest in this election cycle. Independent of whether it is being funded by Lifeline or some other mechanism, the Government, must ensure equal opportunity, else there will be more people left behind with a systemic disadvantage.