Google Fiber comes to Huntsville, AL and San Francisco \o

San Francisco wasn't the only piggyback venture Google announced this week. Huntsville, Ala., also laid out the welcome mat to Google Fiber service, which will be provided over a network being built by city-owned Huntsville Utilities and leased to Google.

The city boasts the highest concentration of engineers in the country, and Mayor Tommy Battle called fiber to the home "the Internet infrastructure for the 21st century. It is as vital to our quality of life as roads, water, sewer and electricity."

Google's deal with the city is not exclusive -- other ISPs will be free to lease the network -- but the tech giant still stands to benefit from the expansion.

"It would be a disadvantage not to have a monopoly -- if Google wanted a monopoly. But I think fundamentally Google doesn't want to make a lot of money on offering Internet access," Mitchell told Motherboard. "Google wants all Americans to have high-quality Internet access so it can sell us ads over it."

This is very exciting. My sister, who's a doctor lives in Huntsville and I've always admired the hardcore engineering talent in the city.