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I cannot support Trump because he is fundamentally destructive of what our country is. Trump is willfully tearing at what holds our country together and what defines us as a people. I cannot, and will not, support a man that appeals to our fears, to our baser instincts, that turns every issue into one of us versus them, and that peddles in conspiracy and racism. I cannot, and will not, support a man that fancies himself an authoritarian, a man that threatens people that say things he doesn’t like, and threatens to undermine the first amendment. I cannot, and I will not.

Read Kyle's post. It's great. 

I don't have much commentary here outside of this. As an "alien" living in USA, Trump truly worries me. Not as a demagogue. However, he has devolved the debate within this country. He's lowered the bar to something that I'd always considered USA to be far above.

Here's a paragraph from Kyle that stood out to me and why I even came here in the first place

Through our unique genesis, we forged an identity separate from ethnicity and religion. Our identity, what it is to be American, centers around our belief in respect for each other as individuals, and for our right to pursue our dreams. By doing so, our country has been able to adopt waves of immigrants, people utterly different from the people already here, and integrate them into our nation. Whatever our race, religion and culture, if we share the same fundamental ideas, we are one people. Our identity is our ideas.

We have not always lived up to that, either. But it is remarkable how many different peoples have immigrated to the United States since our founding, and in the ensuing decades became as “American” as anyone else. That is the strength of our country: We will take anyone, if they believe there is a better tomorrow through work. We can all have different skin colors, follow a different religion (or none at all), eat different food, have differing ideas for what the good life is, even speak different languages—and be unified as a single people. That is a miracle, and despite not always living up to it, it also aptly captures something fundamental to our country.

I cannot call USA as my country, yet. However, I wanted it to be, because of the basic tenet of respecting humanity. Sadly, Trump and the Republican candidates to a large degree don't seem to share these ideals despite touting the principles of Founding Fathers and the Constitution.

2016 is a fight for the American soul. Good luck USA!