Faith and scientific reasoning - an opportunity in USA

The bigger problem with “none-ness” is that it suggests a clean narrative arc for the past and future of religion: an inevitable, measurable decline. If young people don’t care about religion, the thinking goes, that necessarily means the United States will become a much less religious country over time. This is not a new theory; sociologists and historians have been predicting the end of religion for many decades. In the 1950s and ’60s in particular, Western scholars of religion focused on the certainty of secularization, only to see much evidence to the contrary in subsequent decades. From a global perspective, the share of religiously unaffiliated people is expected to decline in the next four decades.

This is a very interesting problem.

In my limited experience, USA seems to operate in the extremes of religion and scientific reasoning. IOW, you have to eschew faith to believe in science. 

I grew up in a different system. While I hesitate to generalize from my experience, they are observations of  one of the premium scientific institutions of India. My father worked in the Indian Space Research Organization for 20+ years. In that community of rocket scientists, faith (for multiple religions) and scientific reasoning worked hand in hand. Some of the brightest scientific minds were folks with staunch faith. This plurality always fascinated me. 

The current situation of USA and the lowest levels of "none-ness" provides me hope that there might be a correction in order along with a move to the centre of the spectrum.