Today I read...

Quite a few interesting reads peppered my feed yesterday.

American Presidential Campaigns in the Age of Terror | The New Yorker

She made the moral stakes plain, and the speech was widely praised. It also obscured a rising theme in the Presidential race. On foreign affairs, Clinton’s biggest threat isn’t Trump. It is the course of international events.

Humans of Silicon Valley] | @ericajoy

The reality is that though many in tech think they are above and beyond all the problems plaguing the rest of the US, though they believe themselves to be separate, they’re very much equal. Racism exists in the tech industry, because racism exists everywhere. It’s time we talked about that, instead of dancing around it.

Cinematic Film Look on a DSLR | by DSLRGuide - Channel link

A fantastic set of guides shot tightly and edited even better to help you shoot fantastic 'professional' videos with gear that doesn't cause a significant dent.

Doug Rushkoff Says Companies Should Stop Growing - Five Thirty Eight