‘Could he actually win?’ Dave Eggers at a Donald Trump rally | The Guardian

It was just an act, of course. But like a lot of comedy, the appeal is in the forbidden delight in hearing highly inappropriate things spoken into a microphone. We can’t believe someone said that, on stage, or behind a podium, to so many.

A great profile of a Trump rally by Andrew Eggers h/t Sriram

Believing that Trump’s supporters are all fascists or racists is a grave mistake. This day in Sacramento presented a different picture, of a thousand or so regular people who thought it was pretty cool how Trump showed up in a plane with his name on it. How naughty it was when he called the president “stupid”. How funny it was when he said the word “huge” the peculiar way he does, without the “h” (the audience yelled back “uuuuge!”, laughing half with him, half at him). In the same way we rooted for Clay a few years ago when he showed up as an actual actor in a Woody Allen movie, the audience at a Trump rally is thinking, How funny would it be if this guy were across the table from Angela Merkel? That would be classic.

By the time Trump finished, there was no one behind me. Most of the hangar was empty. The only people left were the few hundred outside, pressed against the barricades, waiting for him to sign their posters and hats. As he moved down the line, as the sun finally set and the night finally cooled, the song playing, just as poignantly as it had when he arrived, was “Tiny Dancer”.

Don't settle for the pullquotes. Go read the whole thing. It's fascinating.

While the diversity of the crowd doesn't surprise me, I am particularly fascinated by the Indian Hindu right wing support, nay, almost revere The Donald.

Check out this video that The Daily Show managed to pick up about the Hindu Sena celebrating The Donald's 70th birthday.