The trend of bubbles - La Croix | Vox

This is the crux of LaCroix's success: People will spend far more than a case of its cans cost to tell the world how much they love LaCroix.

For those not quite ready to shell out for a piece of LaCroix-themed art, there's Instagram. LaCroix feels made for the social network, and not just because a filter smooths out the cans' shine into a pop of bright color. A filtered photo of LaCroix can show that you're the kind of person who's both in touch with trends and a little ironic about them, or brag that you're healthily forsaking booze for bubbly water, or simply invite heart-eye-emoji comments from your equally LaCroix-dependent friends. This is a tiny part of who I am, we're saying every time we share what we're eating or drinking or reading, and hope that someone nods back with a double-tapped heart.

For the heat wave of Summer 2016, they are primed to be an even bigger force and continue to be a cheaper alternative to the 'big brand' sparkling water. Fascinating read on the rise of La Croix sparkling water.