But as the effort went down in flames, it revealed a Republican Party that, although still chaotically divided, has largely decided, having bought the Trump ticket, to take the ride.

The Atlantic published a great read over the final battle of #NeverTrump - a group of organized delegates who attempted to thwart the run for the presumptive nominee of the Republican party.

The unique intra-party divisiveness of Trump’s nomination had given all these eccentrics an opening to push their particular agendas, and they had seized it. O’Keefe and Waters took Haugland’s much-dismissed manuscript and had it bound into a glossy paperback, titled Unbound: The Conscience of a Republican Delegate. “When I came along and knew all the history and, like, ate it all up, Curly was pretty pleased,” O’Keefe told me drily. “That doesn’t happen all that often in Curly’s life.”


It was Jordan Ross, a lumbering, white-haired Nevada delegate attending his first convention, who serves as the elected constable for a desert outpost on the California border. He wore his constable’s uniform on the dais and spoke up in a booming voice, frequently employing colorful metaphors. The amendment he offered would make the rules explicitly state that delegates are bound.

“It’s time, after all these years, to put an end to this,” Ross intoned. “Let’s give the people what they expect—that their votes count.”

The Republican Party turned ever more direct democratic and decided to adhere to the 'will of the people' who showed up.

At every turn of this unusual Republican primary, there has been a vocal minority of dissenters who saw stopping Trump as a necessity of apocalyptic proportions. But their efforts were always too little too late: the elected officials, the operatives, the donors, the establishment, all seemed to mobilize only after Trump took firm hold of the party’s reins. Their efforts mattered—many felt they were laying down a marker of principle against a nominee they saw as ruinous or toxic. But in the end, the great majority of the party regulars succumbed to their unorthodox new ruler, preferring the chaos they were already in to the chaos they could not imagine.

The #NeverTrump movement highlighted the deep partisanship between Democrats and Republicans despite a common goal (#NeverTrump).

Here's a gloating conclusion from the nihilist himself.