Comic Con niceties

Most excited about...

After The Dark Knight, I think the Lego take on Batman is refreshing and hilarious.

.. and on the heels of The Lego Batman is Justice League. DC, despite the richness of their characters has struggled with live action cinema. Blame it on Snyder (as they are), but they've notched up the 'fun' in Justice League (unless it's an Abramesque misdirection) and man, I am EXCITED.

Everyone thinks this is DC's ace up their sleeve. I'm more skeptical. However, I have to admit the grey-hero genre with Deadpool and now Suicide Squad is definitely getting hotter.

I have no words to describe this trailer (and the poster).

Wow. Sign me up!

Also, this is it for DC. If these bomb, it seems like it's back to the drawing boards.

... and for all the animated prowess of DC, the Killing Joke seems like a dumpster fire as the crux seems to be to promote controversy. No spoilers, but if you have already seen it / read the comic, you might want to take a read at the Vox explainer - How The Killing Joke movie became even more controversial than the comic book.

And last, but not the least - Sherlock Season 4 is here. First impressions: why does it have to be world ending? Sherlock is supposed to be fun. But, you don't judge a series by its trailer. :) So, still hopeful.