Humpback whales - the ocean's first responders

In an otherwise crappy, scary week of news (Hello, Drumpf), here's something that made me smile and appreciate the wonderful world.

One common feature among many humpback whale rescue efforts is that the humpbacks often work in pairs. Scientists will need to do more research into this behavior, though, to truly understand the significance of it.

Until then, these beautiful animals, which are perhaps best known for their majestic songs, have certainly earned some additional respect. They might just be the ocean's most ferocious and selfless first-responders.

Check out this incredible footage shot by BBC of a pair of humpback whales attempting to foil an Orca hunt.

Note: I have nothing against Orcas. In fact, living in the Pacific Northwest, Orcas are almost native to this region. However, you have to admit that the humpbacks are one of the coolest whales on the planet.

Here's a picture I shot of a humpback whale cub breaching at Banderas Bay, in Mexico.

Banderas Bay, 2012

One of the most memorable moments in my life.