The Miseducation of Betsy DeVos (Apologies, Lauryn Hill) | American Civil Liberties Union

Voucher programs drain public schools of desperately needed resources and divert them to private and religious schools. Taxpayer dollars are then, often times, used to fund the religious education of students. In addition, students who attend private and religious schools through vouchers are deprived of critical civil rights protections that would otherwise be afforded to them in the public system, including students with disabilities.

More than anything in this kakistocracy, the education secretary is the first person I'd like to see relieve her position asap. Betsy Davos is forcing a critical change to the American education system removing the only true path of social change from millions of poor Americans in the short and medium term and dramatically shifting the balance of power towards the rich for the long term as a result.

Literacy, education is an investment that a Government must be making for all its citizens. Under the aegis of creative reform and "freedom," Davos is ruining America's future for its majority of people.

You don't have to look much towards other nations. Germany, France and the rest of Europe built itself back up by improving investments into its education system.

Singapore is currently leading the world when it comes to education and thereby securing its future because of its steadfast investment in its education system.

That said, this is something that the American people should have prevented and I will never ever forgive this Congress and Senate to confirm Ms Davos as the education secretary. And I sincerely hope American people will too!!

 As an aside, I am really digging Google's selected image for what a  kakistocracy  is. 

As an aside, I am really digging Google's selected image for what a kakistocracy is.