Trump’s withdrawal from Paris is a major blow to the American-led global order - Vox

Paris isn’t a treaty, or formal international law. It’s a non-binding agreement, one that commits countries to taking a set of unspecified steps to keep global warming below 2°C. Actually meeting that goal is nigh impossible, but Paris is essentially designed to shame and prod countries into at least making a good-faith effort to seriously reduce their CO2 emissions and build up their green energy capabilities.


Today, the Donnie kakistocracy does one over for the world. US already should get a lower rating for its future thanks to Davos as the Education Secretary. Now, with this decision, Donnie has ensured that the US led global order is on its way down.

This news is sad and we should all mourn. So, go ahead. Come back when you're ready to read the silver lining.

The Silver Lining

The world goes through cycles. Most of us were not here during the heydays of the British Raj. The US hegemony was not the world order until 1945 and the end of World War II.

This is a unique opportunity in the world for a new world order. Heck, if the rest of the world can come together, they really don't need the United States.

And that, my friends, is an exciting thing. USA represents ~6% of the world's population but commands the world's currency? Holds control over the security council and actually manages to "lead" the rest of the world. Kudos to the previous Government and administration right. However, that was all respect earned and provided by the rest of the world.

It's very easy to get away from it too. I am positive that Europe and Asian nations are currently making plans to take their new place right this very minute. In fact, what makes this an incredibly interesting thing is that this will actually benefit the rest of the world. You know the rest of the 6.6B people out there.

I, for one, am looking forward to this. A reset seems like the best thing for the world. Now, if we can only navigate this without a war, we will all come out of this happier.

Oh and for Donnie and Davos and the rest of them, .|.