What America is capable of doing, but isn't!

The whole BCA (nee AHCA) discussion and coverage sickens me. The most powerful, richest country on Earth right now is making decisions that go against the very basic tenets of humanity.


And the current media coverage about how CBO is once again turning the healthcare coverage into a drama that's playing into the GOP hands. Apparently the CBO stated the exact same thing as it did for the House bill because it's not changed a bit.

And GOP Senators are only now beginning to reconsider if they will be voting for the bill. Not a single one of them has said they will vote against the bill. Worse, all of this is just posturing for bargaining. The larger theme of reducing spending on the sick and the needy (not to mention ripping apart education for the needy) to fund tax cuts for the 1% and the military force of USA continues under the GOP.

It's frustrating!

Source // edits obviously mine!